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  • The Mural of UX Therapy

    The Mural of the UX Therapy Session

    TLDR: Link to the Mural Template is at the bottom of this post.

    UX Therapy helps you improve your UX and Product Strategies. The objective of the therapy is to motivate you to reflect and to make decisions about the need that your product is solving. I created a Workbook with the right questions to ask to get you there, you can download it completely free from here.

    Besides the Workbook, I offer a paid workshop to do a UX Therapy session (if you are interested you can book it here). The workshop guides you and your team to complete the information of the Workbook... and it forces you to make decisions right away.  Why? Because when we are starting up, we want to save the world with our product. We are trying to address so many things at once, that eventually, it becomes not sustainable. The faster you decide the exact need you are solving and validate it with user feedback, the better for your startup. As Eric Ries says in the "Lean Startup" book: (paraphrasing) "Startups do not starve in the desert, they drown at sea".

    I want to share the Mural Template I use for the UX Therapy Session.  You can just click on the embedded picture below and you are transported directly to start using it.. if you have a Mural Account.

    First, what is Mural? It is a whiteboard that allows real-time remote collaboration to run workshops. I don't work for them, so if you are curious about it, go and check it out. All I can tell you, it is because I find it valuable for my work, I do recommend it.

    The template has the instructions to run your own workshop. The workbook plus the template can help you run your own UX Therapy.

    Why do I give it for free?

    1. Times are though due to the Corona / COVID19 crisis. I want to help with what I can.
    2. I think it is valuable for you. My interest is to help you improve your UX Strategy. 
    3. Something I can not pass on the free material is my expertise. The ability to think on my feet or adapt according to the circumstances is not there; granted, yours might be also great, and even better, but it is not mine.
    4. It might inspire you to create something amazing, and who am I to stop it just to expect a few bucks?
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    UX Therapy Template Template by MURAL

    Open to create a mural from this template in your workspace. Powered by MURAL

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