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  • Creating Sam the Guide

    A series of stories to chronicle the experience of going from idea to app.


    <<Creating “Sam the Guide” (StG)>> narrates the experience of going from an idea to an app. It showcases how different product management frameworks and methods are used in the curse of app development.

    StG is not a real app and the chronicles are fictional, but the experience is real and based on my own life and expertise as a Product Strategist and Researcher. I have had the experience of developing several products taking them from an idea into a published digital product. Before that, I had the experience of conducting academic research on User Experience and Innovation. The chronicles will showcase the challenges when you go from theory to practise, as it was my case when I left the academic world to take into “real world” responsibilities.

    I don’t want to write a stand-alone article explaining different methods or just summarizing the whole experience. Rather, I want to share the experience and making it as fun to read as my abilities will allow me.

    Let me know if you enjoy it in the comments.

    I will add a new chapter approximately every 2 weeks once a month.

    PS. 8.6.2020: I am delayed releasing the new chapter of StG, but adding a new chapter every 2 weeks just proved to be too ambitious given my workload. Chapter 5 is almost done, and it will be released this week.


    (last updated: 8.06.2020)

    1. Chapter 1: An Intriguing Call (15.03.2020)
    2. Chapter 2: Step 1: Deciding what to do (30.03.2020)
    3. Chapter 3: Step 2: Starting from the beginning(23.04.2020)
    4. Chapter 4: Starting at the End (11.5.2020)
    5. Chapter 5: Day 1 of the Design Sprint — Part 1 (12.6.2020)


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